The " Growing T "

This symbol is the corporate logo of the entire TEMPO GROUP. Its multiple parallel lines reach upward, expressing the vitality and energy of the TEMPO GROUP's ever increasing activities and growing enterprising spirit, thereby emphasizing the integration of the member firms into the GROUP. 

Mission Statement

THE TEMPO GROUP will develop a dynamic team of highly qualified professional. Through motivation and sound leadership, individually and as a group, we are dedicated to the achievement of customer satisfaction, growth and excellent performance, without comprimising the company values as well as individual values.
Becoming the market leader is our main objective
We shall increase our market share and improve our consumer satisfaction by adding value to our products and services while retaining respect in the community


Mission Statement  

We are a dynamic organization of qualified and committed professionals under sound leadership with the main objective to become market leader in the field of pharmaceuticals, consumer and cosmetic products through competence in the area of manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Our brand equities offer sustainable quality and innovative products with excellent value propositions sold through effective multi-channeled sales coverage that are delivered by reliable supply chain capability.

Guided by good corporate governance with the aim to establish sound financial standing and creating value for our stakeholders as well as winning respect of the community.